4 Myths About Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers

Luxury Alcohol Rehab CentersLuxury alcohol rehabilitation centers are often seen as a resort for the rich. However, there is more to a luxury rehab than world class facilities and comfort. Many of these rehabilitation centers boast of professionals with world class expertise as well programs based on the latest scientific research.

A luxury rehab facility should be focused on the goal of helping the patients get better, rather than simply providing comfort. Some of the perceptions surrounding luxury rehab have been shaped by pop culture and by unscrupulous individuals masquerading as professional rehab centers.

Myth: It Is Only for the Rich

The aim of luxury alcoholic rehab centers is to provide the highest level of care for the patient when they are undergoing rehabilitation. This includes providing tailored programs based on the latest developments in the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. These facilities employ world-class experts to ensure that the program is implemented effectively.

Public figures are subjected to a lot of scrutinies. This can have an impact on their psychological health when they are undergoing rehabilitation. Mental distress has been identified as a trigger that can lead to alcoholism or trigger a relapse for a recovering alcoholic.  

Therefore the extra privacy provided by the rehabilitation center can prove to be beneficial for the patient in an inpatient program. Some luxury rehabilitation facilities may be on unmarked buildings that look like hotels. This makes the rehab facility more approachable to people who are sensitive about their privacy.

Myth: It is All About Comfort and Luxury

Luxury rehabilitation facilities provide world class facilities. Some luxury alcohol rehabilitation centers may have amenities similar to those of a world class hotel. Patients who are in an inpatient rehabilitation program get to live in their own rooms that feature modern interior design and cozy furniture.

However, what appears as comfort and luxury is often beneficial to the patient undergoing treatment at the facility. Most professionals and celebrities would want to continue living in similar surroundings they were living in before they checked into rehab. This may be important for their mental health.

Most rehab centers may have more than one chef serving a variety of meals. While this may seem like luxury, they chefs play an important role in ensuring the patients get the right foods, especially when they are going through rehabilitation.

Myth: Luxury Rehab is Not Worth it

Luxury rehab is definitely more expensive than other conventional forms of rehabilitation. Rehab centers provide comfortable amenities and qualified staff. However, not all luxury facilities provide the highest level of service. It is, therefore, important to do some research on a facility before signing up for one of its rehabilitation programs.

Professional centers provide alternative therapies to complement their conventional treatment programs. These therapies help to keep addicts in an inpatient program occupied with activities that can help keep their minds of alcohol or environmental influences that may trigger a relapse.

For example, outdoor therapy is a recreational activity that addicts at a treatment facility can engage in and also a therapeutic treatment for depression and anxiety.

Myth: Nothing Happens at a Luxury Facility

A luxury rehab center may conjure up images of people lying by the pool and doing practically nothing. However, a lot goes on at a luxury facility. There are sessions that patients are required to attend on a regular basis. These sessions may include individual counseling sessions, peer counseling sessions, family therapy as well as alternative therapies such as art and music therapy.

There are certainly many comforts in a luxury facility. But these comforts are meant to provide the perfect environment for the addict as they are undergoing rehabilitation.

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