7 Tips for Getting Through Family Therapy

 Family TherapyAn addiction to drugs or alcohol means much more than just that; for a person struggling with an addiction, the problem will go well beyond the fact that they are dependent on a specific drug. Depending on the stage of the addiction, it will put that person in a vulnerable situation while dealing with their job, daily routines, and even their interpersonal interactions. One of the most devastating parts of an addiction is the fact that a person who has grown dependent on a drug or alcohol will rarely recognize the problem. If a loved one or family member approaches this person to try to help them face the problem, the response will likely be negative. This will lead to strained relationships. To avoid this, check out what drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can offer.

The Role of Family

For the family members of the person struggling with the addiction, it can be very frustrating to see their loved one fall into the motions of an addiction that is clearly hurting them and leading them down a path of destruction. In a natural effort to help them, the family members might try to push them to admit the problem they have or even pressure them into joining a special recovery program. Even though they are likely doing this with their loved one’s best interest at heart, for the addict, this is a very aggressive approach that can make them pull away.

Family Therapy

If you have a loved one struggling with an addiction, you will play an important role in their recovery. Family therapy is part of the psychological therapy they will receive as part of their treatment. The main focus of this kind of therapy is showing the patient that even after everything that has happened, his family members are right there by his side, and they won’t leave, no matter what; this will provide a much-needed safety net that will help the recovering person maintain focus and find motivation to stay clean. Family therapy is hard not only on the patient, but also for any family member that joins, so here are a few tips to help you get through it if you are considering joining this kind of therapy in any alcohol rehabilitation centers. Consider checking out the family therapy options offered by Merito.

  1. Forgive. Before going into family therapy, work on a personal level to forgive any harm you have received, whether directly or indirectly, from the person who has struggled with the addiction.
  2. Keep the main motive in mind. Always remember that you are there for the patient. This is not a therapy to help you deal with your specific problems and it shouldn’t turn into a session where you blame them for things that have happened. Be there to help, willing to try.
  3. Think before you speak. This is a vulnerable moment where you will get the chance to talk honestly to one another. You might not have had such an intimate moment before, so be careful about the words you use and try to talk in positive phrases that encourage them to keep moving forward.
  4. Show them you care. The person struggling with the addiction might have gotten to that point because they felt like no one understood them and no one could help. Make sure they know you love them and are there for them. They should feel confident enough to turn to you if they are ever struggling with staying clean.
  5. Breathe. The recovery process will be long and hard and there is no way around it. Be patient enough for yourself, your loved one who struggled with the addiction and any other family members who join the sessions.
  6. Stay close. If you are lucky enough to have other family members supporting your loved one, make sure you all stay close by keeping the same objective in mind. Give yourself the chance to talk about how you feel.
  7. Feel. Don’t try to hide your emotions. This is a great opportunity to grow closer to your family and this will provide you all with a new strength and positive attitude.

Struggling with an addiction can be one of a person’s hardest stages in life; do your best to help them out and you will see how everything will improve drastically. There are several drug and alcoholic rehab centers that offer this therapy. Consider Merito, one of the most recognized ones for this kind of treatment.

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