7 Ways to Make It Successfully Through Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol RehabOutpatient alcohol rehab is a treatment type that provides a flexible schedule for the individual suffering from alcohol addiction. Treatment is provided for a certain time frame each day or every few days with the patient returning home for the night and still having the ability to work and be involved with the family. This treatment type can be tougher to complete successfully, so it is important to learn how to make it through to reach your goals of sobriety.

There are certain steps you can take to gain the support you need to succeed in becoming sober, but you have to follow through. Alcoholic rehab centers will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to stop drinking, taking care of any underlying health problems that may exist including depression and anxiety. Below are a few tips you can use to help make it through outpatient rehab to be successful.

Avoiding Triggers

To begin, you will need to avoid any triggers such as people, places, or situations. With inpatient rehab, you would be secluded and not around anyone or anything that might affect your goal of sobriety. With outpatient treatment, you have to take upon yourself to not go or do anything that could trigger you wanting a drink. Do not hang out with people who make you feel a certain way that might make you want to drink or might pressure you to drink.

Join a Local Support Group

Addiction support groups can be found in most every city for every addiction, including alcohol abuse. Join a group and try to go to as many meetings as you can each week. If you do not feel comfortable going to meetings, try to find an online group for substance abuse. You can meet people online who are going through similar situations to help you to continue on the path to recovery.

Be Open About Your Situation

One way to make sure that your outpatient treatment will work is to be open about your situation. Do not tell lies or cover up actions to try and avoid talking about your addiction. Own your choices and talk about the feelings you have as you go through the treatment process. This could be with family and friends or with a counselor at alcoholic rehab centers. Just be sure to talk about what you are feeling to be able to continue to be successful with your sobriety.

Find a New Hobby to Enjoy

Addiction can be time-consuming and once you have stopped drinking, you will find that you have more time on your hands. If you sit around doing nothing you can begin to daydream about drinking and back pedal with your recovery process. Find a new hobby to keep your mind focused on your goals. Think about what you used to love or what got you excited. From painting to enjoying sports, there is always something you can do to stay active and busy.

Exercise and Eat Right

Stress is a big trigger when it comes to addiction. By eating right and exercising regularly, you can stay stress-free which will help you to be successful in staying sober. Eating healthy and exercising will help you to have a new focus in life with the bonus of feeling better each and every day!


Being able to focus clearly can help you fight the temptation to drink alcohol. Practicing mindfulness meditation is a great way to reduce stress and think rationally. You will be able to make smart decisions which will benefit your recovery process.

Create a Schedule

Making a schedule can also be beneficial as you will have a guide for your day. Keep track of meetings and counseling visits as well as exercise to have a plan set for each day. This will help you get on track to stay sober.

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