Addiction and the Church: 5 Myths About Religion and Addiction

AddictionChristian dual diagnosis treatment centers offer treatment for both substance abuse and mental illness – thus the phrase, “dual diagnosis.” This is indeed very serious.

The combination of substance abuse and mental illness can cripple a person’s mind, body, and being. There will be a total loss of reality and the person won’t know if he is coming or going. He will not be able to hold a job or function in his life, and it will be chaotic to live with such a person.

Many kids, spouses, friends, and families suffer when these people suffer, for their lives are linked with theirs. Fortunately, there are centers and institutions that can that can help a person in his dual diagnosis recovery.

5 Myths About Religion and Addiction

  1. Religious people don’t get addicted, only everyday people do. On the contrary, a lot of religious personnel get addicted to alcohol and drugs, too. In the course of their work, like Catholic priests saying Mass, they tend to drink, and when they are asked to officiate at baptisms, weddings, or other rituals and celebrations, they are enjoined to join their parishioners or congregation. Everyone who is susceptible will be susceptible.
  2. Scriptures alone will heal the person suffering from dual diagnosis. Although quoting from Scriptures can strengthen the will and spirit of a person addicted to alcohol or drugs, in the end, this person must also focus on his own healing and will himself to get well. He must create that inner strength and conviction to open himself to healing. Religious counseling can only do so much unless the person is focused on getting well.
  3. Drug addiction is possession. This gets very tricky here, for who can really determine if a person is possessed or not, or it is merely a form of mental illness, further exacerbated by the presence of drugs in his system – thus, the delusions and hallucinations. The only real thing is that a person with dual diagnosis needs extra care and attention because he can be a danger to himself and to others for he is not in his best state of mind.
  4. Once an addict, always an addict. For as long as one is alive and one will to get well, there is always hope. You can get well in full. Those in substance abuse recovery must commit themselves to a center and a program that will look after their utmost welfare and well-being. Respected and competent centers and medical staff and personnel, as well as caring and capable substance abuse counselors,  will be of great help here.
  5. Religion is the best cure for addiction. It’s been said that the true healer is one who reveals the capability of self-healing in another. It is the only true and effective way of healing, that you are able to remind the suffering person that Christ, the Great Healer, is in his soul, and yes, he can be healed if he opens himself to healing. It doesn’t make sense to make patients addicted to the healing process as well.

The Church can assist in helping a person conquer his dual diagnosis condition by giving him spiritual counseling and sharing powerful Scripture quotes that will truly enable him to lift himself from his pit of despair. For who are susceptible to substance abuse and mental illness, but those who are already sick in their soul.
Christ always healed the soul, and the body followed. Spiritual counseling must open the portals of healing within a person by drawing him to the Power of Christ already within the person. The potential for healing has always been within the person. Christian-centered dual diagnosis recovery centers must focus on that.

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