Addiction and The Need for Drug Treatment Centers Hits Wall Street

Addiction can hit any business where there’s big pressure and big money at stake, and this is certainly true of Wall Street. Now the Fix reports that opioids, and the growing need for Wall Street traders to get help in drug treatment centers, could be a growing problem that’s being overlooked.

*As one addiction specialist, Dr. Nancy Irwin, told the Fix, “Opiates are a great way to numb out from the psychological pressures of the business, [and] forget if you have physical pain.” A big problem, as we often see with addiction, is Wall Street is “turning a blind eye to the problem because money is the bottom line.”

*While white collar businessmen can have the resources to get help, the stigma against addiction could be even tougher in areas like Wall Street to overcome. Irwin added, “The fear of losing their jobs, the fear of stigma and shame and the lack of information on how to handle treatment while abiding by their professional boards” can all scare Wall Street traders from getting help.

*Ultimately, as one Wall Street trader, Trey Laird, who suffered from opioid addiction for six years before getting sober, said, the fact that addiction is hitting successful people on Wall Street proves that addiction can hit anyone of any walk of life.