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Addiction is a multi-faceted disease that involves your overall health and well-being, including the physical, mental, emotional, social and legal aspects. Thus, it must not be taken lightly or downplayed.

As with all other diseases, immediately see a specialist if you suspect, or observe and confirm that a loved one has telltale symptoms of addiction. Otherwise, every single day that you delay your decision to seek rehabilitation places him closer to endangering himself and others around him. Merito is the right place for men who have lost control of their lives to drugs and alcohol but wish to regain it.

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There is no time to waste when dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. According to a 2014 survey data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 25,000 drug abusers and addicts died of an overdose. That would be an average of more than 2,000 per month. These astounding statistics are the result not only of illicit substances but also of legal prescription drugs.

Do not be intimidated by the mere thought of rehab. Call or email Merito now. You will instantly forget all preconceived notions and myths about life in rehab. It is rest assured that our receptionists, orientation staff, assessment technicians, therapists, counselors and our entire professional medical team are trained and experienced in helping patients experience transition at its easiest and most comfortable as possible.

“You are not an alcoholic or an addict. You are not incurably diseased. You have merely become dependent on substances or addictive behavior to cope with underlying conditions that you are now going to heal, at which time your dependency will cease completely and forever.”
― Chris Prentiss

Stages of Admission

Get in touch with our team of specialists

They will entertain all of your questions, orient you regarding our treatment programs, as well as assist you with your payment and insurance concerns. Our intake team is on standby to receive and welcome you to our men’s rehab facility.

Choose between an inpatient or outpatient treatment program

If your addiction has already gotten the better of you, it would be wise to opt for an inpatient or residential approach. In this way, you are more able to focus, introspect and better resist the temptation with the help of our qualified medical staff. If on the other hand, you are not without home or work obligations, the convenience of an outpatient program will best suit you. However, note that this is mostly recommended for patients with less severe forms of addiction.

Undergo medical and psychological assessments

We guarantee that only skilled, experienced, sensitive and supportive professionals will thoroughly assess you for a more accurate diagnosis to meet your specific needs. Merito makes use of a dual-diagnosis treatment plan so as to address all other co-occurring mental problems aside from addiction. We wish to address not only the obvious addiction problem, but also other underlying issues.

Seek Support from Family

Engaging the important people in your life is essential in the recovery process. Family and loved ones are the best support system a patient can have. Merito’s role is to initially get the ball rolling, so to speak, and active family involvement should sustain this momentum.


This initial stage requires medical assistance and lots of motivational support from family and friends. The effects of withdrawal can be intimidating, but it’s all worth it.

Receive Treatment

There is no black-and-white in treating individuals afflicted by addiction. After assessment, our expert team will structure a treatment plan based on your unique case. For those interested in faith-based recovery, we offer Christian addiction treatment programs.

“Learning to face reality, refusing refuge in cliches and lies, fighting to find a way out – that’s what ‘Rehab’ is about.”
– Antonia Bird

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