Admissions For Families

More often than not, drug addicts and alcoholics are hesitant about entering rehab. If your loved one is in this very same situation, then it is up to you to try and convince him into getting admitted. But before you can encourage, entice or motivate him into doing so, you must do your homework and do the necessary research about your prospective rehab facility.

Here at Merito, we apply a dual-diagnosis approach in order to address addiction and other underlying or co-occurring conditions. Additionally, our experiential therapy programs and Christian addiction recovery centers aid the rehabilitation of each of our patients. Upon admission, we try our very best to make the transition as easy as possible for each patient.

The Time is Now

There are thousands of drug overdose deaths each month. Get your loved one admitted to Merito now and secure his health, happiness, and his very life. The very first step can be difficult for him. Help him take it anyway and we will guide you along the path to recovery.

“You don’t need to be ready to recover; you only need to be willing.”
– Anonymous

You can trust that we strictly preserve and protect every patient’s integrity, confidentiality, and privacy, in accordance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. During the assessment, we will only be asking the necessary and relevant questions for the sole purpose of developing the best-suited treatment plan for you.

The Family’s Crucial Role in Recovery

The family is said to be the basic unit of society. On a more personal aspect, it is essentially the very core and fabric of each individual person. Your family plays a major role in who you are today and who you can be in the future. If you happen to find yourself caught in an entangled crossroad in your life, your family is your best support system.

Now your loved one is in this very tight spot. He may be too confused and muddled by drugs or alcohol to be able to make healthy decisions in life. As his family, what you can do is encourage and coax him into going to rehab. You can only do so much as to take a horse to a watering hole, but you cannot drink the water for the horse. Give all-out support for him and encourage him to get admitted now.

“Alcoholism is not a spectator sport. Eventually, the whole family gets to play.”
– Joyce Rebeta Burditt

Our Role

Merito provides professional medical treatment for alcohol and drug addiction or abuse, as well as treatment for other mental disorders co-existent with addiction. First, we assess a patient and diagnose him depending on the assessment results. Next, we assist in the detoxification process and provide therapy for dealing with withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and relapses.

While our professional medical team can truly aid in the proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment of addiction, the steady progress and lifelong success of a patient relies heavily on his support system – his family. Without the love and support from his family, he may find it difficult to steer clear of relapses. Of course, it should be understood that relapses are but an expected part of a recovering patient’s journey. What’s important is that he always has a strong support system to fall back on. This should be his family’s role – to unconditionally love and patiently help him stand up again every time he falls.

Merito wishes to involve and educate each patient’s family regarding addiction so as to make progress and success more attainable. By somehow training the family on how to properly care for a recovering addict or alcoholic, the patient can continue to receive the necessary care and monitoring even after he steps out of rehab.

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