Co-Dependency Treatment Program

Is your husband or another man in your life addicted to alcohol or drugs? If so, you may want to keep track of your mental condition because it is very easy for you to be co-dependent on your spouse. However, if your spouse’s addiction has been going on for a long time, you may have already developed co-dependency symptoms, although you may not realize it yet. One way of knowing if you have this condition is by consulting with a mental health and addiction recovery expert at Merito. We will be able to discuss with you a proper co-dependency treatment program.

What Do You Mean Co-Dependency?

This is a behavioral and emotional condition that can affect your ability to develop healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with others. Being co-dependent on somebody is a learned behavior.

Others call this condition “relationship addiction” since it is often a one-sided, abusive and emotionally disruptive to the afflicted individual. This mental condition was originally identified years ago, as a result of many years of interpersonal family relationship studies. Many children and young adults become co-dependent by watching and learning from family members who manifest this mental illness.

“There are two questions a man must ask himself: The first is ‘Where am I going?’ and the second is ‘Who will go with me?’ If you ever get these questions in the wrong order you are in trouble.”
– Sam Keen

Behavioral Treatment Program at Merito House

Our co-dependency treatment program for men at Merito is under our general Behavioral Health Program. We are aware that one-fourth of U.S. citizens are suffering from some type of mental health problems. Therefore, you should not be ashamed if you realize that you have mental disorders or addictions yourself. Our mental health center has the right treatment program that will help you on your road to recovery.

We have treatment programs for men that follow a comprehensive approach, ensuring your success for the long term.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We know that admitting your mental illness or addiction, or both, carries with it a sense of shame, which is why we will provide you all the help you will need to overcome your co-dependency problem. Our mental health experts will focus specifically on integrating behavioral treatments with primary care. They will apply a positive strategy of care that will treat your mental issues.

Our primary objective includes:

  • Detect and screen mental disorders using our primary health care experts as early as possible.
  • Treat your mental condition while it is in its early stages whenever possible.
  • Inform the general public regarding substance abuse and mental disorders.

“We Are Lovable. Even if the most important person in your world rejects you, you are still real, and you are still okay.”
– Melody Beattie

What You Can Expect

We know that behavioral problems also adversely affect your general health which will eventually affect your ability to follow and maintain your treatments if you have co-occurring medical conditions. Even your social and personal relationships will often be negatively affected.

This is the reason why we developed an integrated care strategy for our co-dependency treatment program. Here are some of the things you can expect from this program:

  • A mental health expert who could either be a psychologist or a psychiatrist will interview you and ask predesigned questions which will enable them to identify your behavioral issues. Your answers will also show them if there are co-occurring medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension and will make their evaluation more accurate and easier.
  • From the information they can gather at your initial interview, they will be able to design an appropriate care plan, suited just for your needs and conditions. This plan will cover all the aspects of your mental problems.

If you have been suffering from co-dependency, come in and see us today at Merito. We can help you overcome the issues that are holding you back, and give you back the life you always wanted!

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