Admissions Process

Are you ready for a new and better way of living? We know that reaching out for help can be horrifying. But your decision to start your rehabilitation takes a great deal of your willpower and courage. We recognize your courage by making the admission process sincere and uncomplicated. The road to recovery can be overwhelming, but we thank you for allowing us to help guide you through this important phase of your life. This is a great leap towards a sober, fulfilling life, and we’re proud to help you or a loved one get started.

Before coming to us, you might have some inquiries about your stay. This page will help you understand some of the commonly asked questions we have encountered.

Generally, addiction recovery facilities break the process into three parts:

  • Detox – This is the medically-supervised process of removing drugs and their related toxins from your body.   Depending on the length and severity of the addiction, and the type of drug being used, this may involve withdrawal.   Detox alleviates the worst of withdrawal symptoms and provides a safer way to clean out than by going cold turkey.
  • Treatment – Addiction treatment programs in inpatient or outpatient combine medication (in some cases) and therapy to help the patient put the mental aspects of addiction or a dual diagnosis to rest.   A variety of therapies can be used, including group therapy, outdoor therapy, one-on-one sessions, and more.   This typically lasts a minimum of 30 days.
  • Aftercare – Also known as continuing care, this is the program or programs a rehab graduate undergoes to help stay on the right path and avoid temptations and triggers for relapse.  Merito offers alumni and faith-based aftercare events in addition to promoting the 12-Step programs such as NA or AA.

“Behind you are the challenges you’ve met. Before you lie new possibilities. Today you choose the direction of your life”
– Unknown

What Things Should I Bring?

If you are wondering what to bring with you for your stay during the treatment process, you do not have to stress yourself over it. Just bring essential materials that will help you feel more appropriate during your time away. To help you, here’s a list of what’s necessary:


We recommend bringing clothes that are comfortable and do not have any suggestive logos of drugs or alcohol. We suggest packing clothes that are good for 2- 4 weeks. Treatment protocol often includes some physical activities, so it is important to bring active-wear. There are laundry facilities on site so there should be no problem whatsoever.


Create a list of the necessary items you need to keep your personal hygiene. Basic toiletries are provided during your stay so make sure that you have ample supply of the needed toiletries you wish. Do not bring any alcohol based products including mouthwash and body sprays containing alcohol.

Personal items

There are moments when you are allowed time for yourself so it is important to make this free time as productive for yourself as possible. You can bring with you personal items such as a good book, journal, or magazines to keep your mind busy when there are no scheduled activities. We allow bringing e-readers like Kindles as long as they do not have built-in cameras or are Wi-Fi capable. Do not bring laptops, iPad, tablets, or even mobile phones as there are telephones located on site and you will be allowed to communicate with your friends and family members at given times.


If you are taking medications that have been approved by your doctor and does not hinder the treatment process, make sure to bring enough supply that will last through your time in rehab. If it is not possible to bring enough supply, make preparations ahead of time with a friend or family member to drop it off when necessary. It is important to know that your prescription should be brought in with the original container and should be part of the pre-approved list. Medications that do not have any prescription should be left at home.

How Do I Pay For My Rehabilitation?

This is always done before you are admitted to the facility. Your admission coordinator will guide you through the process of your payment. Please call today to find out more about payment and financing options.

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