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The journey towards a healthy and sober life is not an immediate and simple one. It is a continuing dedicated commitment and uphill battle. However, the profits achieved by transforming a life of drug and alcohol dependence into a life of sobriety are well worth the battle. Similar to any journey, the road to sobriety starts with simple progressive steps.

“The best view comes from the hardest climb.”

Your determination to look for help with your alcohol and substance abuse can be one of the most courageous steps a person can make. We understand this is a scary and uncertain phase in anyone’s life; your decision to seek help may be a difficult one, but it will be a worthwhile choice.

How Do I Start the Healing Process?

The initial step towards a lifelong sobriety is taking the initiative to pick up the phone. We know this can be the hardest stage in your life as your willpower may be deceiving you because of uncertainty. But it will greatly help to have a trusted person stand by your side when you make that initial step.

Merito’s admission team is attentive and warmhearted. We will walk you through the process of admissions and ask you, without judgement, about your drug and alcohol dependency. If you are hesitant at the start, we can provide you with an option of sending email information about our facility. The packet will contain all the information you need to get you started with your rehabilitation.

If you require a more private way of getting information, we can send you the packet through the U.S. Postal Service. Additionally, you can come straight to our admission office to get the packet yourself. Merito is greatly honored to tailor-fit the treatment plan based on your individual needs. And the process only starts when you take the initial step to start the treatment process.

What is Merito?

Merito is an all-male drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Redlands, CA. The facility looks and feels more like a cozy house rather than a treatment center. This will make you feel more comfortable and at ease with your treatment program.

Merito nurtures all aspects of your wellbeing, including the mind, body, and soul, giving every patient the opportunity to improve themselves wholly. We provide you with the effective treatment program over an atmosphere make you feel relaxed and less focused on the treatment process. Merito House has warm and compassionate staff that provides you with the effective treatment program you need.

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.”

Healing starts with Merito House

You probably have wanted to stop your drug and alcohol dependency for quite a long time but have not succeeded in any way. Or you might have even given in to your family and friends wishes to stop using them but cannot keep it. We know how you feel and we fully understand you. Drug and alcohol dependency cannot be fought alone and we are here to help.

Merito also knows that the universal approach to addiction does not work for everyone. Every addiction is unique in many aspects and they cannot be treated the same way. Merito works to tailor-fit your rehabilitation based on your specific circumstance. Our work encompasses the 12-step model and focuses on Christian faith-based treatment to provide a high level of effectiveness to your treatment.

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Most Insurances accepted. A representative will contact you within 48 hours of submission; all contact inquiries are discreet.