Is Our Treatment Programs Right For You?

There may be thousands of treatment programs available for people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and the choices may be overwhelming. Merito helps you obtain a sober and fruitful life with an addiction treatment plan that is tailor-fit to your specific circumstance.

“Recovery is scary, but so is remaining exactly the same.”

Merito House has built its foundations on the 12-step program but understands that this does not administer a full rehabilitation answer to every patient. So with our full understanding, at Merito House, we offer a wide range of rehabilitation programs and group therapy that envelopes a vast array of concepts and issues.

There are convenient options in our therapy, which involve family dynamics, CBT, Christian recovery programs, and experiential therapies, all with the aim of providing a well-rounded path towards sobriety. Merito has a goal of providing every patient with a well-nurtured mind, body, and soul that will contribute to their lifelong battle with addiction.

Some points to consider

The primary thing you have to consider when choosing the right treatment is getting a clear outlook of what you want in the future. As with any program, you have to have a clear view of expectations of how the treatment can help you recover from your addiction and whether the program is right for you. When you have a clear picture of what you want to see happen in your life, this can be beneficial in finding a preferable place that can aid in manifesting your goals.

  • The rehabilitation staff. Depending on your specific needs, Merito works with you to provide a personalized treatment plan.  We have professional counselors, nurses, psychologists, ministers, and case managers who work closely with you in overcoming your current condition.  This helps ensure that you get back to normal life and good health.
  • Residential or outpatient rehab? Although some would require intense treatment than others, and some require constant monitoring regarding their addiction, it is best to consider whether you need a residential or outpatient treatment.  Residential treatment is beneficial for those who require a different atmosphere and forces them to stay out of the environment that impedes the process of recovery.  It is also the best choice for people who have co-existing problems that often requires intense treatment. Outpatient programs are for those who do not require intensive rehabilitation and would rather prefer counseling sessions or therapy while remaining in the comforts of their home.  This can be done with patients who’ve had previous rehabilitations and can act without an intensive recovery program.
  • Rate of success. One of the most important things to consider when seeking help is the rate of success an institution has.  At Merito rehabs for men, we consider that a primary objective for every patient.  We work not just with the standard treatment programs, but we customize every program to the individual patient.  This helps ensure that the recovery process is successful and relapses are avoided in the long run.  Merito offers not just recovery from your addiction, but also promotes your overall well-being.

Why choose Merito?

Merito provides many levels of rehabilitation from detoxification to sober living and in-progress continued care. We offer a multi-disciplinary pursuit towards a life of sobriety that is conducive to enlightening an addicted person about the effects of alcohol and substance abuse.

“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others. ”

Merito House also uses evidence-based procedures and our highly trained professional staff works intently with a patient to establish a detailed and powerful rehabilitation plan based on the patient’s individual commitment and goals.

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