Alcohol Addiction Treatment May Be Needed More than Ever According to New Poll!

A new report in the Washington Post says that alcoholism in America is on the rise, and it could call for a bigger need for alcohol addiction treatment than ever.


*The Washington Post reports that alcoholism in America is up “a shocking 49 percent in the first decade of the 2000s.” This means that one in eight adults, or 12.7% of America’s population is an alcoholic and may need alcohol addiction treatment.

*There could indeed be a greater need for alcohol addiction treatment, because the people who did this study, JAMA Psychiatry, are calling alcoholism “a serious and overlooked public health crisis.”

*This study also found that deaths to alcohol addiction, such as cirrhosis and hypertension, have gone up dramatically, with 88,000 people dying from alcohol addiction, “more than twice the annual death toll of opiate overdose,” which is frightening in itself.

*This study reports that rates of alcoholism was higher among men, followed by Native Americans, then people below poverty line, then people living in the Midwest. Also, according to this survey close to 1 in 4 adults under the age of 30 can be classified as alcoholics, clearly meeting the criteria for alcohol addiction treatment.