When Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Men is Needed: How Alcohol Impares Memory

Alcohol can cause serious damage to your organs, especially one of the most important, your brain. As The Atlantic reports, even lighter drinking can hurt your brain’s ability to learn and remember, and if one is drinking heavily, you’ll want to get help at get alcohol addiction treatment for men or women.

*As this report tells us, alcohol can block your REM sleep, which is when you dream, and when that happens, it can cause you to forget new information. As one professor who studies sleep patterns says, REM, or rapid eye movement sleep, is “a very sensitive state of sleep,” and drinking can cut down the number of eye movements you go through when you’re sleeping.

*Even if you don’t drink every day, studies show that even slight drinking can hurt your memories. One study showed that the more participants drank, their hippocampus became smaller, which is the area of the brain responsible for your memories, Even light drinking could affect it, and affect how much memory you could retain when trying to learn something new.

*And when alcohol takes away too much REM sleep, it can, as one source puts it, “bleed over into their waking life,” where you start to have hallucinations. Sleep is important for health, and alcohol and be a big disrupter to healthy sleep, and healthier lives. As one clinical researcher puts it, “Sleep is in a desperate state right now, [but] sleep is the best health insurance policy you could imagine.”