Another Member of the Jackass Team Finds Salvation in Recovery Treatment

Several members of the cast of Jackass, the notorious MTV stunt show, have been through the recovery process after attending addiction treatment centers. Brandon Novak is the latest to speak out.

*Brandon Novak was a pro skateboarder who was a millionaire when he was 23, but by the time he was 35, he was near death and impoverished. At 35, he’d been through thirteen inpatient treatment centers that could caters to mens and womens needs when suffering from addiction.

*By the time Brandon checked in for the thirteenth time, he told, “My worldly possessions, everything I owned in life, consisted of eight scarves, two jackets, three socks, and a stick of deodorant. It all fit into a bag that doubled as my pillow.”

*Like many who eventually have to seek help, he didn’t plan on winding up how he did. “It wasn’t in my plan. It wasn’t in my cards to be a homeless drug addict in Baltimore doing whatever it took for $10 more dollars.”

*After getting clean, he started his own series, Addiction, that has surged in viewership. The subtitle of the show dealing with his own addiction is one of hope: “Tomorrow is Going to Be Better.”