Auto Workers Could Be In Need Of Drug Rehabilitation Centers For Men

Addiction runs in all businesses and walks of life, and now according to one report, there could be a strong need for addiction treatment in the auto industry.

*The Truth About Cars reports that the big three car companies in Detroit could be dealing with a major opioid and crystal meth problem among line workers. George Washington, who is a former addict and is an employee assistance representative for General Motors, told Automotive News, “It’s not alcohol, it’s not marijuana now. You’re dealing with meth, you’re dealing with the opioids, you’re dealing with the heroin. It’s starting to show up more and more at the automakers’ doorsteps.”

*With a lot of older autoworkers retiring, Washington adds, “We’re getting a work force now of a lot of younger people who are experiencing different drugs.”

*Car companies have recovery programs, but as this report tells us, most of these programs may not be able to handle severe addictions, which could require auto workers having to go to am outside drug rehabilitation center for men.

*Many autoworkers turn to drugs because of the long, tedious working hours, and they can also suffer physical pain from the strenuous work they put in. As a representative for Ford says, “They’re doing eight, 11 hours a day. Assembly work is very boring, very tedious. That kind of work causes many aches and pains in their body. Maybe they have a pain and the doctor prescribes opioids. And over a period of time the use of that creates a high tolerance and an addiction. And one thing leads to another and it gets worse.”