The Battle over Opening a Sober Living Facility in Your City

While addiction is one of the biggest problems we face as a country, many cities across the nation have trouble when they want to open a sober living facility.

*NPR reports that in South Florida, there’s been a practical boom-town of sober living houses, and when opening a sober living facility, it is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with the Fair Housing Act.

*These acts make it hard to a community to regulate a sober living facility, which is one issue addicts are facing in recovery: How do you know fi the sober living facility you want to check into is legit? (Some have gotten in trouble for bilking insurance companies.)

*When operating a legit sober living facility, the right place can make a huge difference for addicts. Neill Timmons, who runs six sober living facilities in Florida, welcomes more regulation to keep the good guys in business, and get the bogus sober living facilities bilking insurance companies out.

*One way that Florida is trying to regulate a sober living facility is to make sure they are certified by an independent trade organization. Prescott Arizona adopted the same practice, and apparently a lot of uncertified sober living facilities disappeared after that.