Boxers Fight Addiction

After attending mens or womens drug rehab centers, many recommend staying fit in the gym to help maintain sobriety.

*As The Times Tribune reports, boxer Marty Henehan found solace working out in the gym after losing his sister to an overdose, and he’s participating in a fight dubbed Knock Out Addiction, that is bringing attention to those suffering from addiction, and the need for treatment.

*The man putting on the fight, Doug Long, has been sober over thirty years. He never mixed his recovery with business until now. “Me putting my hand into it and putting my boxing behind it as a platform to know out addiction is the biggest thing I ever thought I’d ever be doing in the boxing ring” he says.

*Many times after attending drug rehab centers, exercise is highly recommended to stay sober, and this has helped many in the mens dominated world of boxing. As one fighter explains, “A boxer is disciplined. They’re patient, they’re tolerant. If somebody punches me in the face in the middle of the ring, I can’t just get mad and open my guard up and start wailing away. Recovery is like that. Life is going to punch me in the face sometimes.”