Centers for Depression Can Help If You Have These Signs

Some signs of depression are easy to detect, some are much harder to see. AJC has pointed out several signs to look out for, and if you have these signs, there are centers for depression that can help.

*If your mind is foggy, you have trouble concentrating, remembering things or making decisions.

*Anger is also another component of depression that shouldn’t be ignored.

*Your eating habits are different, where you either eat too little, or eat too much, or turn to unhealthy food for comfort.

*Physical symptoms such as back pain or headaches can also be signs of depression.

*Also pay attention to your sleep habits, whether you sleep too much or too little.

*This report states that 16 million adults in the States have had at least one depressive episode in the past year, showing that not only do many suffer from the disease, but that there’s no shame in seeking help at centers for depression.