Christian Treatment Center Struggles to Keep Up with Addiction

Addiction is not one size fits all, and there are many different ways and different kinds of recovery centers all over the country, Christian treatment centers have  been another approach for people who want to tap into their faith in order to recover, and you can find Christian treatment centers all over the globe on Google when you need help.

As WHAS11 reports, Isaiah House in WIllisburg, Kentucky is a Christian treatment center that has been struggling to keep up with the demands of addiction. The facility has sixteen beds, and a waiting list of 100 patients hoping to get in.

Isaiah is going to open two more centers, which will mean 32 spaces for addicts to get help. As David Cobb, an employee of Isaiah House says, “It means 32 more guys who are wasting their lives, not reaching their full potential, being able to wake up and not have the sickness of needing heroin anymore.”

When you attend the Isaiah House, Christian treatment center, they want patients to attend church three times a week. As Cobb explained, “At Isaiah House we believe in a higher power, but we put a name to it. We believe that Jesus Christ and the Christian God who created the world is the one we should turn to for the power to recover.”