Comedian Artie Lange Getting Help at Mens Inpatient Drug Rehab

Artie Lange, the outrageous comedian who was part of Howard Stern’s team has had a very troubled life while suffering from addiction. Lange has chronicled his struggles openly in several books, including Too Gat to Fish and Crash and Burn, and there’s apparently a new chapter to be written as he is currently in a mens inpatient drug rehab.


*As People magazine reports, Lange has pleaded guilty to a heroin possession charge. Lange was in possession of 82 decks of heroin, or a bag of the drug that weighs between 1 to 15 ounces, and can cost $5 to $10 each. By pleading guilty to this charge, a previous cocaine possession charge from 2016 has been dismissed.


*Lange still has plenty of people who want to help anyway they can. His lawyer, Frank Arleo, told Radar, “We are doing everything we can to save Artie’s life. Please keep Artie in your prayers.” And Stern’s former lawyer, Dominic Barbara, has also volunteered to help.


*Lange’s current radio partner, Anthony Cumia, has told Radar he stands by Artie as well. “This country is in a horrible epidemic that has claimed too many lives,” Cumia said in a statement. “This addiction knows no bounds. Artie is one of the most talented and quick witted comedians we have had the pleasure of working with…Supporting Artie through this tough time is our #1 priority.”