When You Should Consider Rehab for Depression

A lot of people feel depressed and down from time to time, and some depressions need treatment so you can function in life. But when does someone need to check into a men’s or women’s rehab for depression?

*Sober and Clean Life defines major depression as “inability to enjoy life for six months or longer.” As the writer of this article states, “I’ve had friends who were just mired, just in a consistent state of depression.”

*Other depressions include bipolar disorder, where moods swing wildly from despair to euphoria, and while bipolar disorder can be treated with medication and therapy, some cases may also require a depression rehab stay.

*As to when you need to check into a rehab center for depression, this article continues, “You probably have an intuition that medications and other forms of help would come first…a good candidate for rehab is a person with something similar to major depression or a severe case of bi-polar disorder, who has tried therapy or medication and still isn’t seeing results.”

*And rehab for depression should be strongly considered when you are debilitated by depression, or as this article categorizes it, “the kind of crushing funk” where you don’t want to wake up in the morning, you’re skipping work, you find life meaningless, and finding no pleasure in things you used to find enjoyable and fun.

*As the writer of this article concludes, “My sense is that intuition tells a lot of the story. If you are struggling and feeling mired in a worse slump than you’re used to, you may consider rehab…”