Current Drinking Habits and the Need for Alcohol Treatment Centers

A recent report on the Huffington Post tells us that what’s considered “high risk drinking,” meaning drinking four or more alcoholic beverages a day for women, and five drinks a day for men, is increasing in America, which could mean there’s a greater call for alcohol treatment centers in the world than ever.

*The Huffington Post reports that high risk drinking for men and women has increased by 30% in America.

*The Post also reports that drinking that “interferes with [people’s] everyday lives and find it difficult to stop,” or alcohol use disorder” has gone up by nearly 50%.

*When it comes to a specific gender, women’s high risk drinking has increased more than men. The figures are indeed alarming, with high-risk drinking increasing by 60%, while alcohol use disorder has gone up a frightening 84%, again calling for a greater need to check into alcoholic treatment centers than ever.

*Adults that are 65 and older have also seen drinking rates skyrocket, with high-risk drinking going up 65%, and alcohol use disorder in this age group flying up to a whopping 107%.