Depression Among Farmers Shows The Importance Of Depression Rehab For Men

Depression can hit anyone in any walk of life, and now a report in the New York Post explains why farmers across America could be in serious need of depression rehab for men.


*One farmer who spoke to the Post had such debilitating depression he could barely get out of bed, and as a doctor who deals with depression says, “If you are running a small farm, you still have to get up and milk the cows. You got to go put the crops in. There are demands that nature doesn’t let you forget.”


*One doctor who treats farmers is also a former farmer himself, and says, “There is particularly a lot of depression in rural society. It happens for a lot of different reasons. A lot of it is our roller-coaster economics. People outside of farming, I think, understand that farming is hard work. What they don’t understand is the depth of the lows that can hit you at any one time, with just one small problem that can lead to hundreds of little problems.”


*The up and down economics of being a farmer certainly contributes to their depression, and as the Post reports, the stigma of mental illness, as it does in many walks of life, keeps people from seeking help. As Daily Mail reports, “There are national resources for rural health, but no national effort to address mental health for farmers,” and this could be one of the strongest signals that farmers should seek help in a depression rehab for men, or anywhere else where they can be treated and get better.