A Director of Wild Action Flicks Opens iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers

Christian Sesma is the director of such action films as Vigilante Diaries.

And like many addicts, Sesma knows the importance of addiction treatment centers. He’s been in recovery for twenty-three years from meth addiction, and he told Desert Sun, “It really turned my life around. I’ve been an advocate because I know change is possible.”

In addition to making movies, he’s also launched his own rehab, iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers in Cathedral City, CA.

After getting help at Betty Ford twenty-three years ago, Sesma says, “My life was absolutely turned around. That kind of program saved my life as a kid. It’s come full circle in a crazy way…a lot of young people never realize there are tools to help you live your passion and do what you really love to do and I think that’s crucial.”

What’s also driving Sesma to open his own addiction treatment centers is the current opioid epidemic, which he says is “insane.” In opening his own addiction treatment centers, Sesma adds, “When you realize that you can make a bigger difference…I think you have a responsibility. So for me I felt that call to action.”

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