Discovering the Right Natural Drug Detox for You

Natural Drug DetoxCertain cases of substance abuse call for an immediate detoxification program. Substances like cocaine, heroin, and even alcohol leave substances in the body that can have an impact on efforts towards drug rehabilitation. These substances cause chemical changes in the brain and the body that leave the addict prone to a relapse in the near future.

Medical detoxification is done by clinicians before the rehabilitation process begins. SAMSHA recognizes that detoxification alone cannot be a sufficient treatment for rehabilitation. People seeking drug detox methods should, therefore, understand the true purpose of detoxification.

Nutritional Therapy

One of the best and safest natural drug detox treatments is a nutritious diet and lots of water. Water has many functions that can help a recovering addict get rid of toxins in the body. Water also helps the body get rid of toxins through sweating, urine and through the body’s digestive system. Drinking lots of water per day helps to facilitate these processes and increase the rate which the body gets rid of toxins. Proper diet accentuates and builds on the cleansing effect of water.

Tips on taking water:

  • Try to meet the daily recommended intake which is about 1.5 liters.
  • Carry a bottle of water so that you can take it slowly and ensure you meet the daily intake.
  • Drink before and after exercise to avoid dehydration


Another effective natural drug detox process is exercise. In a study titled “Exercise as a Potential Treatment for Drug Abuse: Evidence from Preclinical Studies” scientist identified exercise as one of the effective and safe ways to detox and facilitate recovery from substance abuse.

The study identified three possibilities as to why it could be effective. One of the possibilities was that it was a reinforces the gap left by depletion of endorphin and neuroadapters that leave the addict susceptible to abusing drugs. Other possibilities included reduction of time spent on recreational activities that made abuse of substances possible, and environmental factors or a personality trait that could be averted by regular exercise.

Exercise can not only help to facilitate drug detox; it can also help to deal with other problems associated with substance abuse. For example, sleep patterns can be irregular without the use of drugs. However, regular exercise can help to restore the body’s biological patterns and help with issues such as insomnia which reduces the need for dependency on substances.

Cleanse Kits

In the recent past, there has been a proliferation of kits offered over the internet that claim to help addicts detoxify their system. Most of these kits are often for marijuana detoxification and are also promoted as a viable method to pass drug tests.

There is no evidence that cleanse kits can help rid the body of any substances. They are mostly meant to help conceal the fact that the addict has been abusing drugs and past tests, especially which are required for employment.
Can it be Harmful?

Any form of self-medication can be potentially harmful. The reason the process is done in drug detox centers is to evaluate the patient and determine the best cure for the specific substances that they have been abusing.

Additionally, self-medication can give the addict false hope and he may be oblivious to the impact that withdrawal symptoms can have on their physical and psychological state. It is, therefore, advisable to visit a rehabilitation center or consult a qualified professional whether or not you are going to use natural detoxification treatments.

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