When Doctors Need Drug Rehabilitation

The medical industry is just as vulnerable to addiction as anywhere else, and throughout history we’ve seen doctors and people in the medical community need help for addiction as much as anyone.

*The Washington Post reports that more than 1 in 10 doctors can become addicted and need drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The Post continues that this is “a slightly higher rate than in the general population.” Doctors can often turn to drugs and alcohol because of drug burn out, as well as the easy access to medication.

*Doctors can attend what the Post calls “specialized treatment plans” which can hopefully prevent them from losing their license to practice medicine. One specialized program in Alabama insists that doctors take drug tests for five years, and have to complete four to twelve weeks of treatment, with consequences if they relapse, like their license to practice medicine being suspended or revoked.

*Trying to convince many they need help when they’re suffering from addiction, and as the Post puts it, doctors are “used to being in charge,” and “following someone else’s rules isn’t always easy for them.” But potentially losing their license often proves to be great incentive to clean up their acts. Statistics also show that going through a recovery center like this lowers the risk of malpractice suits as well.