After Drug and Alcohol Rehab, an Ex-NFL Coach Says He Feels Blessed To Get Help

Addiction has run rampant in sports, and not just with players, but with coaches as well. Recently Chris Foerster, who coached for the Miami Dolphins and has had a distinguished career in the NFL, had to check into drug and alcohol rehab after getting fired for apparently snorting cocaine on video.

*Foerster tells AOL he has completed a 60 day drug and alcohol treatment program, and getting caught was “divine intervention. I was to the point where I was just praying to God, I want this stuff out. Not like exposed, but I want this out of my life. I can’t do this anymore…I don’t want to drink anymore. I don’t want to use anymore. And sure enough, two weeks later, the video came out.”

*When Foerster stepped down from the Dolphins, he checked into a rehab the same day, and it was right before he turned 56 years old. At the time the video was made, he was using cocaine for about eight or nine days in a row, saying, “I was so messed up at the time.”

*Right now Foerster is in sober living, and he says, “I’ve never felt better. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more clear. I’ve never been more open to whatever the possibilities are as I am right now today.”