Drug and Alcohol Rehab by Specific Gender and Religion

While the foundation of recovery is the twelve-step program, addiction is never one size fits all, and there are a number of options when seeking a drug and alcohol rehab.

*The New York Daily News has reported that the first rehab center for Jewish addicts in Brooklyn is opening, but it’s certainly not the first in the world. As Addicted.org tells us, there are a number of “Jewish Faith-Based Programs” in the country, where the 12-steps are the beginning of recovery, and keeping in touch with your faith is an added touch that can help keep many sober.

*There are also a number of Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers that can help people of the Christian faith. As Rehabs.com reports, “For some, faith can serve as the backhone of recovery. Christians struggling with alcohol and drug addiction often look to their faith for the strength the change. Christian rehab can help people discover, or rediscover, their faith in God while also helping them build a life of sobriety and purpose.”

*There are also gender specific rehabs for women. As Recoveryconnection explains, “Addiction treatment for women deals with unique, addiction-related needs of a woman, helping her feel safe as she works through the pain of addiction.” As this site explains, the rate of women finishing treatment is lower than it is for men, so a gender specific rehab can potentially help combat this, and “high quality women’s addiction treatment focuses on building a woman’s self-esteem and empowering her with the support and self-confidence she needs to achieve long-term recovery.”