Should Drug Rehab Centers Allow Pets?

There’s a lot of things that are not allowed in rehab that could potentially take away focus from your recovery, but some drug rehab centers indeed allow pets because a pet can be very beneficial to recovery.

*As Globe Newswire reports, there’s a website that can help you track drug rehab centers that allow pets, which is reportedly not an easy feat, but there are indeed some that will let you have a pet. The benefits to having a pet in recovery are many. It teaches you responsibility, they can help you reduce anxiety, they provide unconditional companionship, and so much more.

*As Globe Newswire also notes, “Current paper work and up-to-date shots for the dog are usually needed to ensure the dog is safe for the treatment center,” but this can probably be worked out fairly easily. And for rehabs that allow pets, they can attend therapy with patients as well.

*Apparently rehabs have been more open to allowing pets in recent years, and animal therapy can be a great step in having people come back from addiction, post traumatic stress, and other disorders. For drug rehab centers that allow pets, there are regulations and rules to follow of course, but in recent years there has definitely been positive results from people recovering with their pets at their side, and hopefully more drug rehab centers will soon follow suit.