How Dual Diagnosis Treatment starts

So, you or a loved one are in the extremely difficult situation of being addicted to a substance while having a mental illness. You may be considering dual diagnosis treatment, or entering a treatment center that deals with both of those issues separately but equally. Dual diagnosis treatment programs vary wildly by person, but they all start in very similar ways.

Many things begin with tests. Schools often have tests, to judge where a student is on their journey. Medical treatments begin with tests, to see where a patient is on their journey. Dual diagnosis treatment programs begin with a test, to see where the person entering is in their journey. There are many tests that are needed, such as psychological evaluations, toxicity tests, and a few others. Here is an idea of the tests you or your loved one will need to go through before dual diagnosis treatment begins:

  • Medical evaluation. This evaluation gives us an idea of where you are in terms of health and allows your unique, custom plan to be written with your health in mind—not just anyone of your age and relative situation’s health, but your health.
  • Toxicology testing. This goes along with a medical evaluation but is slightly different in that it tests specifically for the toxins that are in your body. Once we know what you have in your system currently, we are better prepared to prepare you to live without the substance you have been addicted to.
  • Psychological testing. What treatment program doesn’t, at some point, deal with the psychological? The psychological aspect is arguably the most important aspect of dealing with this type of issue; substance abuse and mental illness both need psychological treatment.
  • Pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenetic testing is a new branch of medicine that seeks to understand the way individual human beings interact with things differently, due to their individual genetic makeup and their situations. You or your loved one will undergo this type of testing to make sure you are safe in any kind of treatment.
  • Psychiatric evaluation. This kind of testing is different from psychological testing in that it seeks to understand more specific issues, while psychological testing is more general.
  • Cognitive testing. Drugs and alcohol, over time, can severely affect your cognitive abilities. This kind of testing aims to understand what damage—if any—has been done and sets a goal of where you want to be.

These kinds of tests are invaluable in determining the correct way in which to treat you or your loved one’s specific situation. Once all these results are in, you will want to set goals. You will work with one of our highly trained and certified professionals, who are all more than qualified to help you determine the best path to take to meet your goals. Then, after this, you will begin your treatment. You may opt for a Christian faith-based program, such as the twelve-step program. You may opt for a residency program, to get the most support. You may opt to stay in a medical facility to detox. You may opt to stay in your own home and visit group or one-on-one sessions as often as you need. No two cases are alike; therefore, no two treatment plans are alike.

You or your loved one can begin today on the way to a better life and an amazing future. With the help of a dual diagnosis treatment center or program, your customized way to a better life can begin as soon as you sign up. So, don’t hesitate to begin your path to your new and better life today.

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