What You Should Expect from Your Behavioral Health Services Program

Behavioral Health ServicesWhen you or a member of your family is trying to overcome substance abuse, it is best to seek professional behavioral health services.  These services help the addict to understand the nature of his addiction and execute strategies that will help him to eventually overcome the problem.

Seeking professional services also helps to ensure the addict is safe from serious withdrawal symptoms that they may experience during recovery.  These symptoms can sometimes be serious even for alcoholics.  It is best to ensure that the facility is professional and ethical.  Here are some of the things to expect.

Compassion and Ethics

A rehabilitation facility that provides quality behavioral health services will have staff that is compassionate.  Compassion is a very critical part of recovery for the addict.  This is because addiction is often caused by emotional factors that can become worse if compassion is absent.

Additionally, the addict’s circle of friends may be facilitating substance abuse.  In order to recover, the addict needs to break away from them.  It will be hard to do this if the person undergoing the rehabilitation process cannot find compassion elsewhere.  The facility should, therefore, have staff that is compassionate and non-judgmental.


Many recovering addicts may have reservations about checking into a facility due to privacy concerns.  Some people may opt to go to a facility out of town.  Professional facilities go a long way to help the addict get the level of privacy they desire.  Some rehabilitation centers may be disguised as a hotel or resort.

The bottom line is that the facility should provide as much privacy as is required by regulations.  Most addicts share very personal information related to their addiction.  The documents that you fill at the facility are protected by law under HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  This also includes the information you share with staff at the rehabilitation center.

What happens in rehab?

You will be required to book an intake date once you decide to visit a rehab facility.  You may be asked to provide some background information prior to your first visit.  If the addict is a minor, an adult will be the one required to make the appointment.

On the first visit, you will be provided with some paperwork to sign.  You ill then meet one of the staff who is usually an intake office.  You will be given some information on the programs available.  After that, you will meet a provider who will conduct a formal assessment of your situation.

The first step after you enroll for the program is detoxification.  Some centers can provide detox services in-house; others may require that you visit a different facility.  This will happen during the first seven to ten days of the program.  However, the length of detox could be longer depending on the substance abused, amongst other factors.

The next step is education.  Many addicts are unaware of the impact or causes of their addiction.  A lot of information will be provided regarding the dynamics and nature of the substance the addict has been abusing.

Most facilities also include group therapy.  Group therapy helps addicts to share the experiences and emphasizes the importance of seeking support from others.

Family meetings are also a part of many rehabilitation programs.  Families are taught the dynamics of addiction and how they may be contributing to it.  

Aftercare Program

A comprehensive aftercare program from professional behavioral services and facilities helps to minimize the risk of a relapse.  Some rehab facilities may have an in-house aftercare program while others may refer you elsewhere.  The program may require the recovering addict to check-in weekly to assess their progress.

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