Family Therapy and Rehab: What Loved Ones Need to Know

Effective recovery for drug and alcohol addiction includes a variety of treatment modalities within an alcohol treatment center. Many alcohol rehab facilities offer individual therapy, group treatment, diet plans, family therapy and more as effective steps in the recovery process. While some might overlook the importance of family therapy, it is essential to the recovery process. Whether the patient has family, friends, or other loved ones in their life, family therapy can work with all of these individuals in order to facilitate healing. Read further to learn more about how family therapy can benefit those within the rehab process.

Expressing Thoughts and Feelings

Family therapy at an alcohol treatment center is first and foremost a means for family members to express their thoughts and feelings to one another in a safe environment, without fear or judgment. Many times those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions feel as though they are unable to express themselves to family members without judgment, or in a way that their family members will understand what they are experiencing. The same can be said for family members, as they might feel as though the person with the addiction is not understanding of how the addiction is making them feel as their loved one. Through family therapy, each family member can truthfully express themselves and be aided by the help of a professional counselor in order to express themselves effectively. It is extremely important that each family member, including the person with the addiction, is able to express their thoughts and feelings and be heard and understood, in order to recover for everyone. Family therapy is a great way to facilitate better expression of feelings.  


When families enter family therapy at an alcohol rehab facility, they are able to gain a better understanding of one another and can better relate to one another and cope with the addiction. Family therapy involves a professional counselor who can help the family members understand the reasoning and causes behind the addiction in order for the family members to have more empathy and also learn how to support their loved one. In return, the person with the drug addiction will gain a better understanding as to how their addiction is affecting their family members, and this can often provide encouragement and drive to move forward with recovery.  

Improving Communication and Trust

Another benefit of family therapy is that family members can improve communication with one another. This can be especially difficult within families of addiction, as the family members might be suffering from broken relationships due to hurtful words or experiences related to the drug addiction. Family therapy can open up the lines of communication between family members and allow them to work through negative experiences and past traumas and begin to effectively communicate with one another in order to facilitate healing and trust, and ultimately rebuild those broken relationships.

It is essential that the person suffering from drug addiction receive support and encouragement from their family members and loved ones in order to have a successful recovery. However, this could prove to be difficult for many family members who have been hurt by the person with the addiction, and vice versa. Perhaps the person with the addiction has been hurt by their family members and feels as though their family members have given up on them. There are many scenarios that can lead a family of addiction to broken relationships, and family therapy has certainly proven its worth in rebuilding those relationships so that the family members can learn to trust one another again.  

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