After Five Trips to Drug Rehabilitation, a Preacher Helps Others Fight Addiction

While turning to God isn’t necessary in recovery, it has helped many people on their road to recovery after drug rehabilitation. It certainly helped Tamritha Dean, who went into drug rehabilitation five times before cleaning up her act and helping others.


*Dean turned to drugs and alcohol when she was a teen. “I figured when I got ready to go to college I could quit using with no problem. That didn’t work out. I wanted to fit in with my peers, and I went beyond the call of duty.”


*Before her fifth trip to drug rehabilitation, Dean recalls, “I really didn’t even want to use – but I did, anyways. After that fifth one, I wanted to quit.”


*Dean is now a minister partner with Reverend Calvin D Waddy Jr. in Mississippi. As Waddy told the Clarion Ledger, “When we hear the word ‘recovery,’ we automatically think about drugs, alcohol or gambling. But everyone – and I do mean everyone – needs recovery of some sort. It might be recovery from an addiction to food, social media, sex, work, shopping, grief, television, hoarding. No one is exempt.”