The God Debate with Recovery

Not everyone who’s ready to get sober will turn to God, in fact, anyone from a faithful Christian to an atheist can successfully recover from addiction.

*As Psychology Today reported, there are many who have said, “I tried AA, but I just couldn’t get past the God part.” There’s also been a joke in recovery that God can be an acronym for Group of Drunks in a meeting. But as Psychology Today continues, a higher power can be nature, love, your AA group, however you understand the concept.

*While a number of Christian treatment centers have been around for many years, there are also a number of agnostic and atheist groups as well. “An agnostic AA group can be the best of all worlds for those who want to tap into the fellowship and support that AA has offered for almost 80 years but who aren’t comfortable with ‘the God part,’” Psychology Today writes.

*As Drug states, “It is entirely possible that a person work through their drug or alcohol addiction and achieve full recovery and lasting sobriety without a belief in a higher power…spirituality is loosely and if not widely defined, [and] many people engage in practices that may lend hope, forgiveness, gratitude, optimism, decreased anxiety, and resilience to their lives.”