A Harrowing New Documentary Points to the Importance of Rehab

British documentarian Louis Theroux has made documentaries about drugs before, but his new documentary is reportedly leaving audiences in tears, and shows the importance of inpatient rehab for men and women.

*The Sun reports that for the documentary Heroin Town Theroux has traveled to West Virginia to show have drugs have torn their way through the community. One fan on Twitter called the documentary “heartbreaking but brilliant 10/10.”

*Another person who saw the documentary tweeted, “I’m glad that louistheroux is raising awareness on drug abuse & misuse. Harrowing piece to watch but still very insightful.”

*And indeed, several people who’ve seen the documentary said they were moved to tears by it. Hopefully this documentary will lead to more men and women checking into inpatient rehab programs if they recognize the same addictions in this documentary, and Metro writes that Heroin Town “sympathetically humanizes” people suffering from addiction.