From Inpatient Alcohol Rehab To Sober Driver

One of the great benefits of Uber is how much it can cut down on drunk driving. Now the New York Times reports that one man is a professional sober driver after inpatient alcohol rehab.


*The Times reports that Carlos Nin is still keeping the same late hours he used to keep when he was drinking, but now he’s driving drunk people home as an Uber driver. Being around drunk people doesn’t temp him to fall off the wagon, it actually gives him feelings of remorse.


*Nin is coming up on 19 months sober. He’s 55 and he got hooked on alcohol and cocaine when he was in his twenties. After his second rehab visit, he was a valet, and was close to 17 months sober before he fell off the wagon. “I was bored,” he said. “That’s one of my things. I want to drink more when I’m bored.”


*Once he lost his valet job, he went into detox, a 21-day rehab stay, then an inpatient rehab program. In recovery, he drives for Uber six days a week in a rental car, while he works in a parking garage during the day. While friends are worried he could be working too much, the busy schedule he keeps is how he makes a living, and how he stays away from temptation as well. “I know I just have to keep on doing the things I’ve been doing.”