When Inpatient Rehab for Men Needs Funding

When inpatient rehab for men and women is needed, often times people can’t afford to get the right amount of help they need, which is why one group in Newburyport Massachusetts has been raising money to help people who need help.


*As Newburyport News reports, the Pelican Intervention Fund was founded by Elizabeth McCarthy and Kim Keene to help both men and women who are in need of inpatient rehab. “We did this because we have been given the gift of seeing the people we love in recovery,” McCarthy relates. “They’ve been given a second chance and they both give back. We just want to give others that chance and to show people that there is hope.”


*McCarthy and Keene know that inpatient rehab is “not a quick fix. This is a slow process…when you go through a 12-step program, it’s an interior journey.”


*And through their efforts, this fund has raised over $125, 000 to help people get the help they need in inpatient rehab. “They key is hope for other people – we can give them this opportunity, we raise the money but they do the hard work. This method of caring is so vital to the people through recovery, to know that someone values them and is willing to give a donation, even though that person doesn’t even know them.”