How You Know Your Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Are Legit

There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers all over the country, but how do you know that you’re entering the right one? Dr. Deni Carise, an expert on addiction, explained to the Huffington Post several important signs to look for:

*Check the staff’s credentials, and how many qualified people are on staff. “There should be sufficient medical staff including physicians, psychiatrists, and Registered Nurses to address medical concerns depending on the level of care…Ultimately, is the client going to be safe in this treatment environment, and will they receive effective care.”

*How good is the individualized treatment? Every person suffering from addiction needs specialized treatment, not just for addiction, but for life skills like money management, time management, furthering your education, and mentoring others suffering from addiction.

*How many hours of clinical services does a rehab provide? Not just group therapy, but individual therapy as well.

*And another important stage of drug and alcohol treatment centers are how much families are involved in therapy as well. “Including the family throughout treatment is critical,” Carise writes. “The absence of this is a huge red flag for concern.”

*Other areas to check include how drug and alcohol treatment centers set up relapse prevention planning, which sets up a plan in case the client relapses, as well as what the continuing care program post-rehab will be. “Keeping patients engaged in continuing care over a period of 12 months has been shown to be an effective model for sustained recovery.”