A Lack of Treatment for Asian Americans Points to the Importance of Mens Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

While alcoholism and addiction is prevalent in all races, sexes and cultures, a new report on NBC News says that treatment for Asian Americans is lacking, and a support group hopes to change this.


*This support group, which is called South Asian Alcoholics Anonymous program, has been around since 2015, and for Asian Americans who are out of mens inpatient alcohol rehab, it could be a tremendous boon. As NBC News reports, while it follows a lot of the principles of AA, “it acts as an independent group.”


*Apparently alcoholism hasn’t hit Asian-Americans as it has other people in the U.S. population, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t Asian Americans who need help. Vasudev Makhija, who founded this program, feels that addiction among Asian Americans is “grossly underreported” because of the stigma surrounding addiction in Asian culture.


*In fact, a source from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism told NBC News, “While Asian Americans have the lowest prevalence of alcohol use disorders (3.0% compared to around 6.0% overall) they are the least likely to get help.”


*Fear of getting help because of the stigma of addiction is something that many feel, and hopefully meetings that are targeted specifically to Asian Americans will help bring down this fear within the culture as well. As Makhija continued, “Going to a meeting which has people from the same communities, same ethnic background – it seems to be for them easier to connect with others who are South Asian.”