How Long You Can Expect To Stay At A Sober Living Facility

Recovery can take a long time, and while you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get sober, of course many would like to know how long on average a sober living home stay can last.

*Rehab can last anywhere from 30 to 60 to 90 days or longer, and as American Addiction Centers tells us, “Generally speaking, at least 90 days in treatment is recommended.” After treatment, this site says that the average length of time you can stay in a sober living facility is “between 166 and 254 days,” or six to nine months.

*While recovery is an ongoing lifelong process, the first steps can certainly take a while, but when you take the first steps right, it can set up a better foundation for the future. As American Addiction Centers continues, “Residence in a sober living home led to fewer problems with alcohol and drugs, lower arrest rates, higher employment rates, and more stable housing arrangements that were maintained as much as a year and a half later.”

*And if you need to stay at a sober living facility longer than the recommended 166 to 254 days, you can stay longer, as long as you follow the house rules, which usually include you have to stay sober, you have to pay rent, and you have to attend house meetings and therapy. With sober peer support, 12 step meetings, and accountability and responsibility required from everyone, spending time in a sober living facility is an important and highly recommended step after a stay at rehab.