Looking For Work after Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Getting back into society after drug and alcohol rehab is one of many hurtles of sobriety, but as The Fix reports, “Finding employment after rehab isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely 100% possible.”

*This report tells us that if you have a criminal history, “all hope isn’t lost.” If you have a criminal past after leaving a men’s or women’s drug and alcohol rehab, and an employer asks if you’ve been convicted of crime, just say yes. “If they ask for more details, briefly mention that you regret it but emphasize what you learned from the experience. Bring the conversation back to your qualifications for the job.”

*Getting a job is hard no matter what, but you should also “draw strength from the fact that you’ve secured a job interview in the first place. You’re a candidate they’re interested in, and you’re one step closer to getting a job. If nothing else, find strength and confidence in that.”

*After attending a men’s or women’s drug and alcohol rehab, “you should use your substance abuse counselor or sponsor as references. They can provide immediate evidence that you are serious about turning over a new leaf and living productively. Ministers, probation officers, recovery workers, spiritual advisors, and education professionals would also make great references.”