Loudermilk – A New Comedy Series Dealing With Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Loudermilk is a new comedy series, created by Peter Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers (Dumb and Dumber), and it’s already getting strong reviews from critics.

*The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “surprise gem from A&T’s Audience Network” and that it’s a “smart and searing comedy [that] proves deeper than it initially seems.” The main character Sam Loudermilk, who is played by Ron Livingston, is a former music critic who has been “four years off the sauce” since entering alcohol addiction treatment.

*A number of recent TV shows have been dealing intelligently with addiction, and along with This Is Us and Shameless, we can apparently add Loudermilk to the list. While This Is Us and Shameless are dramas with comedic elements, Loudermilk is a comedy that shows you don’t have to lose your sense of humor when dealing with addiction. As Bobby Mort, co-director of the show tells Entertainment Weekly, “We describe him sort of like a drunk whisperer. He kind of knows whate everyone needs to kind of get them on track. Sometimes its nice, sometimes its not.”

*And Farrelly added, “I wanted to deal with people who had substance abuse issues and show them in their real life and what goes on and how they take one step forward, one step back, [and] so on.”

*IndieWire also reports that along with the focus on the main character, Loudermilk is a good ensemble piece as well. “Thought it takes a little while for the frequent AA meeting sequences to find their footing, that’s where Loudermilk really comes alive.”

*Not to mention this show gives the audience a more realistic look at meetings. “Loudermilk doesn’t treat group meetings as a magical process that absolves its participants of all guilt,” IndieWire continues. “For every confession made in the cone of anonymity, there are a few consequences outside of it…Loudermilk is engaging with what it means to have a principled approach to recovery.”