It May Be Time To Rethink Mens Drug Rehab For The Gay Community

Addiction hits everybody of all ages and sexual orientations, but as one report states, the LGBTQ community has been dealing with “staggering rates of drug addiction.” And as one gay man in recovery told The Guardian, being in rehab can be tough on gay people, and it may be time to rethink mens drug rehab for the LGBTQ community.


*This first person account, written by Mark Prest, reports that when the author finally surrendered, after fighting alcoholism for eight years, he went to rehab. “To my knowledge, I was the only out gay man there. My sexuality and its relationship to my alcoholism were overlooked by my counselors.”


*This person finally left rehab after six months, and he says today, “My queer and recovery identities were at odds and even now, nine years on, I still feel conflicted.” He also feels “it is harder to achieve when, like me, you’re from the recovery community’s wider margins.”


*While rehab is a great equalizer for people that shows that everyone can suffer from addiction, no matter how rich or poor, how established or un-established in society, the author of this story feels that “tailored, more inclusive approaches to recovery are critical, and a civil and human right.”