After Mens Drug And Alcohol Rehab, Preparing For Christmas

The end of the year has three hurtles for people out of mens drug and alcohol rehab have to face: Thanksgiving, Christmas and especially New Years. Someone suffering from addiction can be triggered any time of the year, but these three times of year can be especially tough. Now one person in recovery tells Metro UK how he’s going to get through the holidays in recovery.

*As “Ben” told the publication, “Before recovery, Christmas was nothing special and I would start drinking early. The alcohol aspect is something you can over-focus on…But my first Christmas in sobriety was a really good experience and there were so many enjoyable aspects to it…I was able to appreciate all the family stuff because before then I had been using alcohol so heavily, I couldn’t.”

*Reflecting on his alcoholism, Ben continues that while others have a few drinks and get tipsy during the holidays, his own drinking can “end in a place where I don’t want to go. I will end up feeling shameful and do something I wish I hadn’t. My drinking is not egg-nog-fun drinking – it’s eight-in-the-morning type drinking.”

*And unlike having to deal with high school peer pressure, Ben reminds us that no one at the office party will care if you drink or not. “When you go into situations like the Christmas work party and you’re worried that people will assume you’re odd because you’re not drinking, the reality is that they’re more absorbed about having their own fun. They simply don’t care if you’re not drinking.”

*If you’re in recovery and worried about being at parties this holiday season, Ben recommends having your phone with you in case you need to contact a peer in recovery who can help. He also recommends having other people in recovery with you at parties, and have your car keys with you “so you’re not reliant on someone else to leave who wants to stay later.”