Mental Health Treatment Centers for Children Hoping To Make a Better Future Early

Many have the misconception that mental health issues or the need for mental health treatment centers can begin when you’re a teenager or a young adult, but now younger children are getting screened and checked early for mental health issues to try and prevent worse problems down the road.

*The New York Times reports that the State is expanding its mental health centers and mental health programs for children, and it’s important to start early because childhood is when a lot of experiences can take root, causing further problems when one becomes an adult.

*New York Hospitals are working on what’s known as “integrated care” for children, where a number of mental health treatments are combined into one system, or are “brought into tandem.”

*These systems include the HealthySteps program, where a social worker is paired with a psychologist or a pediatrician, where a child and their family can all get help through one system. As one doctor told the New York Times, “Creating these partnerships is really important.”