A Military General Is Calling Out For Reform In Landing A Loved One In Drug Treatment Centers For Men

One would think when you have a strong career and resources that you can help a family member struggling from addiction, and find them good drug treatment centers for men or women. Yet Navy Admiral James Winnefeld, who lost a son to addiction, had the same problems many families face when someone is suffering.

*As the Washington Post reports, “Retired Navy Adm. James Winnefeld once had the ability to project military power anywhere on Earth. But when it came finding help to pull his son Jonathan back from the depths of drug addiction, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was at a loss.”

*Jonathan sadly lost his life at the age of 19 from heroin mixed with fentanyl. Winnefeld tried to find the right drug treatment center through Tricare, which is the military’s health care system, and as the Post reports, the family “hit a roadblock finding Tricare-certified recovery programs for mental health issues paired with drug addiction problems, known as dual diagnosis.”  (His teenage son also struggled with anxiety issues as well.)

*These limitations in mens and womens treatment also “mirror the civilian health-care system,” the Post writes, and the fentanyl epidemic has grown so rapidly that it’s been hard to keep up. For mens and womens drug treatment centers, one source said, “There are not enough facilities. There are not enough providers.”

*In the wake of Jonathan’s passing, the Winnefeld family founded an advocacy group, and one of their goals to “push to expand treatment resources.” As Winnefeld said, “We want to be action-oriented. If we can use that to save a family, then it’s worth the effort.”