Mothers of Addicts Bring Much Needed Attention to Drug Rehabilitation

There are two major events this August and September, International Overdose Awareness Day, and National Recovery Month, that have helped point out the need for drug rehabilitation. There is also another organization that’s been in the news for bringing attention to addiction, Addict’s Mom.

As Press Republican reports, the Addict’s Mom group is holding what they’re calling the Lights of Hope event in Vermont, where mothers who have had addiction in their families can literally shed a light on the need for recovery.

If a mother is carrying a red candle, it means their children’s addiction is active, white means they’re in recovery, black means they are no longer with us because of addiction.

The event will hopefully educate families on how to deal with an addicted child, and how those suffering from addiction can find drug rehabilitation and get help.

There are 80,000 members of The Addict’s Mom across the country, and there have been over 165 events such as these in America.