Natural Detox and What You Need to Know

Natural Detox The prolonged use of alcohol or drugs causes the buildup of toxins in your body. The toxins can remain in your body for weeks and even months after your last use. It is important to remove these toxins because they can have a negative impact on your health.

The detox process differs from one patient to another. It depends on the type of substance that was abused and the severity of addiction to the substance. For some addicts, detox may take a few days and others may require medication for an indefinite period of time.

Benefits of Medical Detox

Most professional rehab centers will have a drug detox process at the start of the rehabilitation program. This is usually conducted by a medical professional who monitors patients at the facility. Tests are done and the patient’s medical history is taken into account.

One of the benefits of medical drug detox is that the patient faces fewer risks when undergoing treatment. Alcohol does not require an intensive detoxification program, but it has severe withdrawal symptoms that can cause serious medical complications and even death.

Professional treatment centers are in a better position to address any medical complications when they occur. In an outpatient facility, the patient is monitored 24 hours a day for any signs of danger or relapse. The medical professional also gives medication to the patient based on their physiological profile further reducing the risk of developing complications.

The other benefit of medical detoxification is that it can serve as a safe substitute for the drug. For example, methadone is given to people struggling with heroin addiction. It helps minimize the effects of withdrawal and is used to wean the addict once they’ve started the rehabilitation process.

Benefits of Natural Detox

Natural drug detox does not involve the use of medication and can be said to be a more holistic form of the detoxification process. There are natural methods you can use to effectively rid the body of toxins. These methods may be used as a detoxification process or may be used to complement medical detox.

Natural detox may include exercises. Exercise helps to flush out toxins from the body. Intensive cardiovascular exercises such as running and swimming can help to reinvigorate the vital organs in your body, such as the liver and kidneys. Doing regular exercise can also help to improve concentration and trigger a general sense of well-being that can only be beneficial to the patient undergoing rehabilitation.

Nutrition therapy is another natural method to detox. This is informed by the fact that addicts tend to neglect to pay attention to what they eat. The result is that many addicts are not healthy by the time they seek treatment for their addiction. Nutrition therapy is sometimes provided alongside medical detox in a professional rehabilitation center. Nutrition therapy ensures that the patient regains his health faster and is in a better position to cope with withdrawal while medical detox helps to minimize and eliminate withdrawal symptoms.  

Some medication used for medical detox can cause dependency and may have other side effects. Natural detox is considered to be a better option by those who do not want to risk becoming dependent on a medication. However, caution needs to be taken when attempting natural detox.

Before attempting natural detox it is important to consult a medical professional. You may be underestimating the severity of your problem. Some drugs may cause some withdrawal symptoms that may trigger physiological complications. It is also important to note that a good number of people relapse because they are trying to avoid the discomfort of dealing with withdrawal symptoms.  

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