The Need For Mens Alcohol Treatment Centers When You’re Over Fifty

If you’re in need of an alcohol treatment center, it’s never too late to get help, but a report on Twin Cities tells us that alcoholism is a lonelier illness when you’re over fifty.

*In fact, some people suffering from addiction who are in recovery call being clean in their older years “Silver Sobriety.” While mens alcohol treatment centers have people of all ages, there are some that specialize in treating people over fifty, where alcoholism can indeed be a tougher and lonelier illness to deal with and treat.

*As Twin Cities explains, “high-risk drinking” among senior citizens, which includes DWIs, took a big jump, 65%, from 2002 to 2013. And apparently drinking among seniors has gone up faster than other age groups.

*Especially in Minnesota, where this report on seniors in recovery was published, there are 350 treatment centers, including mens alcohol treatment centers, but there’s only three that are specifically for seniors.

*While rehab is a great equalizer for people of all ages, some seniors prefer to be around people in recovery their own age. As one senior said, “We are in a unique situation. We are aging, we have lost a spouse, we have retired. I have arthritis and two hip replacements. I will say, ‘Hey, my hip hurts!’ And believe me, that 22-year –old will not care.”