If You Need Mens Rehab For Depression, The Varying Degrees Of Depression To Look Out For

Everybody has down days, but true depression, and the need to check into a mens rehab for depression if a mental problem is severe, can often be harder to pinpoint and diagnose.

*As The Huffington Post reports, there’s a low-grade depression called dysthymia, which is “similar to a cold when you are sick…You feel down and like there are weighs on you when you’re walking around.” As Sarah Fader, the CEO of Stigma Fighters writers, if depression is the flu, this is the common cold.

*Yet even though dysthymia is not severe depression, as this report tells us even having low-grade depression, if it’s persistent “takes a toll on your mind and body. It’s exhausting to feel sad all the time.”

*Signs of depression can often be hard to spot because so many people keep their feelings stuffed down and don’t share them. Yet Fader notes that perfectionism is one symptom of dysthymia. “Being highly critical of oneself is a symptom of depression, but particular of someone with dysthymia….The perfectionist can weigh heavily on someone living with dysthymia. They can be preoccupied with doing things correctly and become hyper-critical of themselves when they don’t’ feel that they measure up to other people around them.”

*And if the need for a depression rehab is there, don’t be afraid to ask for help. “There are people out there who do care and want to help,” the Huffington Post concludes, “it’s just a matter of finding them.”